Inox Meccanica

Specializes in advanced equipment for the production of Italian-style high quality cooked ham and dry products. The machines encompass specialized and unique machines for forming, pressing, clipping and tying of meat.

Speedy Ham Processing

“Speedy ham” processing line is the best possible technology for dry cured products. This line is Inox Meccanica´s evolution in the production of dry-cured meat products and unites the know-how accumulated over decades.

Cooked Ham Line

The line consists of a series of specialized equipment to manufacture high quality cooked ham logs in vacuum to match highest standards. The system improves any previous equipment in keeping the traditional Italian technology intact.

Automatic clipping Machines

The clipping system is adapted for relatively large whole-piece products in diameters from 65 mm up to 260 mm. The versatility of the clipping system without changing too many parts is the main features of this piece of equipment.

Automatic Stuffing

Automatic forming, stuffing and clipping equipment for big muscle products such as belly-bacon, pork neck, bresaola, hams and other Italian-style products. Increasing slicing yield and overall meat product quality are the advantages of this system.

Automatic Tying

The tying machine enables trippling of productivity compared to tying with single knot. It’s dedicated to products consisting of one or more sausages or pieces of meat rolled together or overlapped such as roasts, porchetta or the like.

Vacuum Tumblers

INOX MECCANICA´s range of vacuum tumblers consists in models with a loading capacity of 500, 1200, 2000, 3000, 4000 and 5000 kg. These machine models are used for the salting of raw/cured products such as hams, pork neck, loins, belly-bacon, bresaola, speck and for cooked products such as hams, shoulders, bacon, etc.

Pressing & Forming

The machine has been developed to insert hams, sausages and all other products to be formed in meshes in a precise manner and without any effort. The main feature of this system is to place the product inside the mesh without much stressing the springs thereby ensuring the integrity and durability.

Drying & Seasoning Cabinets

Inox Meccanica’s seasoning cabinet has been designed and built as support for the small production of sausages, for the dry-aging of refined cuts of beef or as essential tool in every laboratory or testing room for the large-scale industry or for smaller meat plants.